Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baseball Cards 310-315

The Baseball Card Project brings three of my big passions together: Art, baseball, and recycling. The art is both self-explanatory and better explained by the art itself. I was a big baseball fan when I was a kid, until the strike in 1994. It all came back to me in 2008, around the same time I found a few stray cards and made the first entries to this set. 

And then there's reuse/recycling. Baseball Cards from the '80s and '90s are commonly held to be worthless (with a few exceptions) and grossly overprinted. After a majority of one generation saw their baseball cards reach insane prices, a new generation tried too hard to recreate the magic, and flooded the market. It is for that reason that the collectible shop was eager to give me such a huge mass of cards, and I have been able to give them new life by reusing them as surfaces to put my art to.

Baseball Card Prject HQ

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