Sunday, March 14, 2010



  1. This is mine!!! It hangs on my wall, I look at it all the time. It gives me great enjoyment. Of course the real owner is always the artist. The spirit of the artwork and the artist can never be separated. Everyone should find a way to collect the art of artists they know and/or is a triple gift: the art graces the home of the collector or their loved ones, if it is given as a gift. The artist has given twice, once to the world, and then to the collector. The collector has given the means to live to the artist, and to produce more art and then the gift of preservation/conservation/legacy to the world. Finally the most important gift is the collaboration as to meaning which is imbued and then reverberates between artist, collector, and all who will ever see, and really look, at the work.

  2. Wait a minute...I said three, but that is at least four. Well, math was never my forte.